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MAD Campaign: Filters for Cambodia - December 2014 Hi there, this coming December we're travelling to Siem Reap, Cambodia to help rural villagers gain access to clean drinking water. Water is such a fundamental human need affecting not just health but education and income for people living in poverty. When a child falls ill from dirty water they are unable to go to school and when a woman spends hours each day just collecting water for her family's needs, she is kept away from an income generating job. 20% of the deaths among Cambodian children under the age of 5 are caused by water-borne diseases. Children are especially vulnerable to water-borne diseases because their bodies are too weak to fight off diarrhoea, dysentery and other illnesses. Please dig deep and donate, every little bit counts! You can choose to join me in Cambodia or make a donation that goes to the project 100%. (All volunteers going to Cambodia are self-funded and not through these donations.) How donations are used: USD100: total cost of a biosand filter (BSF) water filter. Each USD100 filter is capable of supporting a family of 5. - USD50: construction & installation - USD30: long-term maintenance and repair - USD5: PayPal/credit cards - USD5: SimplyGiving online platform cost - USD10: MAD operational cost Please choose to Make A Difference today. Any small gesture is welcome and will mean the world to these rural Cambodian families living in poverty. So which will you choose? Donate or come with me?? :-) Yvonne Siew p.s. Thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page. Through you can make safe and secure donations to sponsor this social project. The proceeds of your support are immediately sent directly to this social project - Water For Cambodia. Using this given platform is really simple and most importantly it's also a really cost efficient way for the organisation to raise funds. MAD is partnering with Water For Cambodia (WFC), a local Cambodian NGO that has already installed over 12,000 BSF type water filters in rural Cambodia. (If you'd like to know more about BSFs, please visit: WFC is a global leader in BSF installations with a well-trained team and fully functional water testing lab. To verify MAD's partnership with WFC, please feel free to contact them directly. More information on MAD is available at: MAD is a social business on a mission to reduce poverty by empowering people to fund and implement sustainable poverty alleviation projects through crowd fundraising and impact focused volunteering. * Follow my progress * Share it with friends * Voice encouragement or even join me and get involved yourself!

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    Keep it up!!

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    Those who can, do. That's you :-) Thank u 4 ur great efforts

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    Merry Christmas, Yvonne!!

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