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Hi! My name is Michelle. I am a 38 year old daughter, wife, sister and mother. On the 31st of March 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 2B Ovarian cancer. In June, it was upgraded to Stage 4 due to metastasis into my bones and spine. My body was really weakened by the chemo and I was hospitalised twice once after getting dengue and again in November when I got sepsis (blood poisoning). Since June 2016, I have done 10 rounds of chemo and 4 cycles of Radiotherapy. Just recently, scans showed that there has been further spread and my left hip has been damaged. August 2017 showed a new tumour in my left hip. As such, I am now using a wheelchair to get around. Conventional treatment is not helping and now, alternative treatment is a viable option for me. Treatment includes a form of Immunotherapy, Ozone therapy and a few others as the doctor sees suitable as I go along. However, such treatment is expensive and I am looking at a cost of estimated MYR9000 per month and this will need to go on for a year or so. Due to the cancers effect on my body, I am unable to work. We are financially tight and have used up most of our savings paying for treatment, organic foods and bills for the past year and a half. So funds are needed too. I want to be here when my now 6 year old son grows up and see him married and meet my grandchildren. So I am appealing to your kind hearts to help me fight the cancer and beat it. Every little bit counts and is most appreciated. I hate asking for help, but I am humbling myself as I want to be with my family. If you are in Malaysia, you can directly bank in your donation into any of the following accounts. Please do email the transaction slip to as I will need to keep a record just in case the Tax department were to audit me. Michelle Geeta Sebastian - Public Bank Account - 4976598205 Tang Kin Hong - Maybank Account - 112223117676 (this is my husbands account) Thank you all for your kind generosity. May God bless you abundantly. Love, Michelle 

 PS: I am trying to include images of my latest scan report in the gallery as proof of my condition. Will upload asap
PS2: recent x-ays  show that the cancer had progressed so I need more aggressve treatment.

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    Love you 😘

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    Stay Strong!

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    Blessed healing and recovery Michelle. I pray his promises are your deserved inheritance.

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    Praying for you and get well soon dear! Stay strong!

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    All the best dear and stay strong. Hugs.

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