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As an avid supporter of MareCet's excellent efforts in marine mammal conservation in Malaysia, I decided to take up a personal challenge to raise funds for their cause. I will stop shaving for three months, beginning in February in my efforts to garner support and raise funds for The MareCet Research Organization. Besides growing what I imagine to be an attractive beard, not shaving is rather green! No shaving creams needed, which means no extra shaving cans to litter our environment. Oh, not to forget I save water! With the recent drought, saving every little drop of water is essential. I have volunteered with MareCet a number of times, and have experienced their passion and dedication for marine conservation firsthand. They conduct research on dolphins, porpoises and dugongs to gain a better understanding of the animals' ecology and the threats that they face from human activities. And I learned that these animals are indicators on how healthy (or not) our seas are. Therefore at MareCet, their work on marine mammals act as mascots for MARINE CONSERVATION. In the end, we are part of the cycle - the state of our seas will eventually affect our lives on land. Your donation could help MareCet in the following ways: RM50 - helps with meals to sustain the research team in the field RM200 – could fund the cost fuel for the research vessel for one day RM500 – could fund the hire of the research vessel for one day RM1,000 – could help MareCet produce informational and educational materials for our awareness and education programmes RM2,000 – could help cover the living expenses of the research team on a single research trip RM10,000 - could help MareCet with the construction costs of their upcoming educational project which is the interactive Langkawi Dolphin Floating Exhibition (FLEX); FLEX will feature life-sized sculptures of a whale and dolphin, an interactive sound room, informative posters, and videos on the life of dolphins Please dig deep and donate, every little counts!  

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Raised So Far : SGD 2,700