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We Are Moving To Educate More Children

  • 30/11/2017 - 30/04/2018
  • Philippines
USD 15,184
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Target : USD 600,000 Raised Offline : USD 14,864

About Event


Old Balara Christian Community School (OBCCS) is currently renting a 420sqm place to house a few classrooms for helping 3546 poor children since it started. Currently, we can only accommodate 155 students in an urban poor area teeming with children and teenagers.  We are known for succesfully engaging children who have had learning and school adjustment difficulties. Our enterprise education curriculum helps children find relevance of schooling to everyday life.

Our objective is to buy a property so we can accommodate more children to continue serving the poor, but the amount needed is too big for us to shoulder alone. We need a miracle for this to happen. We are raising funds and reaching out to you, to please find it in your hearts to help  children realize that miracles do happen when a community of people work together.

Here is the miracle you will help make come true:  channel funds to direct educational services benefiting more children and youth instead of their going to the landlord as rental income; allowing children living in cramped slum  surroundings the  chance to daily play and learn safely in big open spaces; for parents to save on  transport money since the new place is walking distance from where they reside.

Our dream outcome from permanent and better facilities in the new site is enterprising children from underprivileged backgrounds, making use of  tools from their Christian education to transform their own, family and community life through moral and responsible citizenship.  

A brighter future in enterprise does not only belong to the middle class nor to the rich.  Let us work together to intentionally help the poor participate in a booming economy.

No amount is big or small to make a difference!