Malaysia Lotus Charity Care Centre Association

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Malaysia Lotus Charity Care Centre Association


Lotus Charity Care Centre is multi-ethics HOME providing assistance to the old folks and poor children who have nobody to depend on at this moment of time. Some of these old folks and poor children have been abandoned by their families and even rejected by society so there are been sheltered here. We provide them a decent place of stay where we feed, clothed and care of them. We also provide FOOD, GOOD and EDUCATION for this poor children and also we take them to tuition and give entertainment programs for the children and also the old folks.


The home is able to accommodate between 18 peoples at one time. Many of these old folks are homeless , handicapped, poor & abandoned. Some are INCAPABLE of paying any money, some are paying a small token for theor stay here while others are on charity.


We are an organization where our support comes from the generous public and some from our internal funds. We seek to assist humanity by our actions rather than words. As we do not have any Goverment Funds yet, we do have some kind hearted peoples from all around who occassionally support and feed these folks and children.


Is to provide the less fortunate the HOPE and SECURITY in their Golden Years.

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