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Mercy Mission World

About Mercy Mission:
Mercy Mission is an Islamic non-profit organization which focuses on impacting the Muslim world through education and social services. Over the last decade, we have grown into one of the largest Islamic led organizations in the world - having incubated more than 20 projects across 13 countries and engaged more than 5000 volunteers. Some of our flagship initiatives include Charity Right and Al-Kauthar.

Bringing Muslims Back to the Quran:
One of the major problems with the Muslim Ummah today is that we have lost our connection with the Quran. Although many of us read the Quran on a regular basis, we fail to understand the lessons and apply them our lives. If we want to succeed as a community, we need to go back to the Quran.

Introducing: The Tafsir Program
Over the last 2 years, we've been working on a revolutionary program to teach Muslims about the Quran in a simple and practical way. The results were amazing and everyone who participated saw their lives change for the better. We want to expand our program and build a FREE online academy which will guide Muslims through Quranic reflections.

We Need Your Help
Your donation will help us:
- Build and maintain a Free Online Academy
- Produce high quality video courses
- Spread the Dawah all over the world
- Bring Muslims back to the Quran

Donate Now!
What better month to donate for the Quran than the month the Quran was revealed? InshaAllah you will get a reward for every single person who learns from our courses and watches our videos and inshaAllah comes back to the Quran. What better cause to support than the Words of Allah?

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