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Mercy Mission is an Islamic non-profit organization which focuses on impacting the Muslim world through education and social services. Over the last decade, we have incubated more than 20 projects across 13 countries serving the needs of the muslims around the world. The growth has been achieved through a collaboration of Islamic scholars and teachers working with skilled professionals across multiple sectors to deliver solutions to community problems, which bring confidence, piety, self-sufficiency and selflessness. Some of our flagship initiatives include Charity Right and Al-Kauthar.


The Tafsir Program by Sacred Time is a free video series that makes tafsir easy to understand and easy to put into practice.

Taught by Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury, the program revolutionises the way we think about the Quran by teaching us how to apply it to life in the 21st century.

The aim is to rebuild your connection with the Quran so that when you read it, you’re able to understand it and implement it to your daily life.

We’ve made this program accessible to everyone: it’s completely free.

All you need to do is sign up and start watching!


For over three years, Shaykh Tawfique has been working with his research team of seerah, language, hadith, and tafsir scholars to create high-quality, educational video content. 

Together, they have chosen 500 verses of the Quran to explore during this video series. Research for 80 of these has already been completed; amazingly, each verse has produced over 70 pages of research.

In 2019, we’ll release this research material and make it available to all, so students of knowledge can also benefit from our comprehensive study of the Quran.

To sign up to our website, kindly click on the link http://www.sacredtime.org/

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