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Please Help Us Rescue More Elephants

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About Appeal

Please donate or fundraise for us to enable more elephants to be rescued, and brought back to their forever home!

We need to raise funds to enable BEES to rescue more elephants in need. Having a ready pool of funds will help us negotiate more effectively with the elephant owners and enables us to bring the battered elephants home to BEES as soon as we possibly can to begin their new lives. Time is always of the essence and we want to bring these gentle souls home expediently so that they do not have to work for humans and humans can now work for them. Your support will help us make this happen.


As of the 1st October 2017 we launched a facebook campaign to raise 100,000THB for Fluffy the elephants budgeted transport expenses. We have used this page to collect the funds needed for her transport and the page will continue to be open for donations to help us help more elephants in the future. Once we reach 100,000THB any funds over this amount will be kept aside for future elephants. Please keep spreading the word to help us help more elephants. Thank you!

Recent Donors 43

  • Michelle Wilson

    Preying everyday for the elephants of the world, keep up the good work. A small donation to help you, help them!

    GBP 10 20/03/2018

  • Barbara Taylor

    Thank you for all you do.

    GBP 15 20/03/2018

  • Lydia Traher

    GBP 5 20/03/2018

  • Hayley Armstrong

    Thank you for helping these beautiful creatures

    THB 2,000 20/03/2018

  • Anonymous

    AUD 10 20/03/2018

  • Kathryn Lloyd

    We hope BEES can find another elephant to join their wonderful family soon x

    THB 2,000 09/02/2018

  • Dagmar Bauduin

    Donation for the elephants. ❤️🌞

    EUR 150 31/10/2017

  • Rachel Bose

    You do fantastic work and I am happy to support you! I hope my small donation helps Fluffy or any other elephant or project you undertake.

    GBP 10 12/10/2017

  • Jan Vertefeuille

    USD 150 10/10/2017

  • Dianne Coulthard

    Good luck Burm and Emily with the transport of Fluffy and settling her into her new home at BEES

    AUD 100 08/10/2017

  • Glenda Taylor

    A fifty for Fluffy. Looking forward to meeting this gorgeous girl in January.

    AUD 50 08/10/2017

  • Manuela Salvadori

    USD 30 08/10/2017

  • Suzanne LaFord

    USD 60 08/10/2017

  • Angela

    A great cause, thank you for the work you do.

    GBP 10 08/10/2017

  • Kathryn Lloyd

    We can't wait to meet Fluffy :)

    THB 2,000 08/10/2017