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My dear respected brothers and sisters,

Rohingyan Refugee Children in Malaysia are in great need of food, water and education and basic toiletries to help them function and live a sustainable life here in the country. Many of them have fled the persecution for Burma and lost their parents to the war or during their travels to Bangladesh and Malaysia and so we find so many orphans and traumatized young children under our care.

Mercy Mission Malaysia will be supporting 3 Rohingyan Refugee Schools this year which makes up about 150 Children and 50 of their immediate family members. We will focus on providing each child with:

  1. 2- 3 nutritious meals/day
  2. Quality education by university student volunteers 
  3. Monthly Field Trips
  4. Monthly medical checkups 
  5. Supplementary online education
In addition to this we will use analyze and monitor the health results of each child and their educational performance every month with a team of expert analysts to ensure each kid gets the best education and food and that all stakeholders are aware of the situation at all times.

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    Please accept this donation as part of my zakat. JazakAllahu Khair

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    Congrats,hopefully this small token can help them to have better daily life as a normal kids.

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