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Plant Today, Save Tomorrow

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About Appeal

To celebrate BTS’ Leader RM’s birthday, we’d like to encourage everyone to help by donating to this simple project to care for the environment by planting 200 seedlings in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.

We will be planting Philippine native trees approved by foresters and trees that are endemic to the area like Malaruhat, White lawaan, Red Lawaan,Dulitan etc. to mimic the forest and encourage the wildlife to come back to the area.

The project was inspired by RM’s love for nature as evident on the photos and videos he uploads, as well as his song lyrics.

We believe that through this project, we are able to help not only save the Philippine forest, be a part of the solution on the global climate change, but also invest for the future generation. 

Recent Donors 11

  • navi konara


    USD 25 08/08/2018

  • Ali Donahue

    USD 50 07/08/2018

  • ayumi mochizuki

    JPY 5,000 05/08/2018

  • Kendra Dee

    I hope we can meet the goal!!! Joon would be thankful to see us making the world a bit brighter :)

    USD 20 19/07/2018

  • Tess

    This is such a lovely project! Thank you for doing it ^^

    USD 10 15/07/2018

  • Valérie Gignac

    CAD 10 15/07/2018

  • Anonymous

    We love you so much Namjoon, thank you for inspiring us to make of this world a better place, we are truly proud of you.

    USD 10 13/07/2018

  • Anonymous

    USD 25 08/07/2018

  • Jessie ARMY

    For Namjoon <3

    USD 10 08/07/2018

  • Maura Escobar

    I purple u army. BTS is not only changing many people lives but also inspiring us to make a change in the world. Planting a tree saving a future. Thank you

    USD 20 08/07/2018

  • Renee Sparks

    USD 5 02/07/2018