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Safe house for a family and Medicine for a child

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I am a single mother of 30’s supporting my two children and grandchild. I have been divorced with my husband due to his infidelity in 2007. Since the separation is by law, I should have received a monthly support from my ex-husband but unfortunately this didn't happen. In the past years, my kids and I lived with my widow mother, then due to poverty, I've tried to work abroad. And luckily I was able to work in Hong Kong as a domestic helper.

We hoped this could make our situation better, however it turned out that both my children have thalassemia, a disease in the blood, and I wasn't able to afford the general check-up as it is costly. 

To be the worse, early 2018, my son had an accident where his spleen got ruptured, and went through a splenectomy. It was quite a major surgery for a 10-year-old boy to remove his spleen, which left him with a compromised immune system for the rest of his life.

The doctors instructed many medical treatments after the operation, including vaccines. However due to my unstable financial conditions, the vaccines cannot be completed unfortunately.

Furthermore, given his weak immune system without spleen fighting bacteria, he could now easily catch diseases.

Therefore, a good hygiene has become crucial.

My mother's house is crowded with my brother, his wife and five children. On rainy days, it's wet everywhere with the leakage as the room (roof, window) cannot be fixed for expensive labour and materials such as steels.

If you could extend your hands financially, we'd like to use your help for the below.

First to build a small house of our own.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford an expensive rent of an apartment nor have a lot to build a house. All I hope is to provide a safe and hygienic environment for my children, especially my son with immune problem, so that they can eat and sleep without being sick or in danger.

Second and last to help my son's lifetime medical maintenance.

He couldn’t attend the school when other kids are sick to avoid any chance of his being unwell, which can lead to multiple complications. I hope to be able to provide him the minimum treatment so that he can live his life like his other friends of 10 years old.

Thank you so much for reading and much appreciated your kind hearts to extend the help.

God Bless you.

Estimates to build a house = US$ 10,495

(small house with a roof and windows from the winds, rains etc for my children and grandchild). The breakdown is as follows. 

-       Lot – 290,000 PHP (Approx. US$ 5,534)

-       Materials & Work labor – 260,000 PHP (Approx. US$4,961)

-       Medical Treatments (min) for 10 years – 109,500 PHP (Approx. US$ 2,090)

        o   Sumapen (antibiotics) 250mg x 2 capsules/day – 22 PHP

        o   Folic Acid 1 capsule/day – 8 PHP

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