Personal Challenge

We are appealing medical funds for the animals rescued by VFA, majority of the animals rescued required medical attention, in every week, we sent at least 2-3 or more to the vets for treatment. Which we have incurred $70k and counting from date.

My Story

Many people know about VFA rescueing of animals, and we don't sting on medical attention that's required by our rescued animals. Majority of our rescued dogs are often those that have been overlooked by many people because of their ages and physical appearance, and Everyday, the animals aged, and these required a lot of medical attention to the senior animals. VFA is a non-kill shelters and we don't put the animals down. We gave them a second chance and hoping others could come in and assist us, which is you 

Recent Donors

  • Iris Eng

    I made my first donation for the lovely animals. I feel simply happy as I know it will definitely help them in a way.

    SGD 250 07/10/2017

  • Anonymous

    SGD 50 24/04/2017

  • Li Hua Tang

    SGD 100 23/04/2017

  • Tracy Tan

    SGD 100 22/04/2017

  • Anonymous

    SGD 50 20/04/2017

  • Johanna Lee

    SGD 50 14/04/2017

  • Eliza Wong

    SGD 100 14/04/2017

  • Charlene

    SGD 250 14/04/2017

  • Anonymous

    SGD 25 13/04/2017

  • Yuen Foon Elizabeth Lee

    SGD 50 13/04/2017

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