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Pink & teal Empowher | Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Mobile Unit

  • 08/08/2018 - 31/12/2018
  • Malaysia
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About Event

No one deserves cancer- if it is preventable.  

Pink & Teal EmpowHer is a non-government charity organization, which aspires to increase awareness and screen women for breast and cervical cancer irrespective of race, religion, cultures and boundary. We aim to provide screening with utmost compassion, professionalism and care. This August we are reaching out to the women near from and around Kampung SImuti, Padawan. Hoo-ray!

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer, in terms of incidence and mortality, of all ages in Malaysian women. This high burden of disease is a major public health problem that could be prevented by effective primary and secondary prevention strategies in conjunction with appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic case management.

Although the Pap smear programme has been in effect for 3-40 years, a reduction in incidence and mortality comparable to that recorded in developed countries has not been achieved in Sarawak. The national cytology programme does not meet the quality indicators, e.g. adequate coverage and reliable follow-up. VIA consists of inspecting the cervix with the naked eye, using a bright light source, after applying 3-5% solution of acetic acid. Allows the provider to make an immediate assessment of a positive (abnormal) or negative (normal) test.

We provide clinical specialist consultation to the rural women who are otherwise disenfranchised.

Mobile  portable colposcope RM25k Mobile Diarhermy unit RM9k Mobile suction unit + consumable 10K