I want to spread kindness and see more smiles :)

My Story

The Kalsom Movement has taught me to create ripple effects of kindness. As a Kalsom Alumni, I want to spread kindness like how The Kalsom Movement has been doing since 1993.

Recent Donors

  • Adik jalal

    Akak ni inspiring la. Keep your support to kalsom!

    GBP 10 13/06/2018

  • Anonymous

    Go Fin! The world a better place for people like you. Thank you for doing this.

    GBP 10 12/06/2018

  • N A

    may it'll be beneficial to all.

    MYR 10 12/06/2018

  • Anonymous

    All the best for this fundraising 💪🏻

    MYR 20 11/06/2018

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I didn't realise earlier your donation drive! You should have told me about it when we met! Best of luck Fina & I'm always proud of you for staying consistent to help the Kalsom Movement! ❤️

    MYR 100 11/06/2018

  • Anonymous

    All the best finn!!!

    MYR 20 11/06/2018

  • Anonymous

    MYR 10 11/06/2018

  • Anonymous

    MYR 25 09/06/2018

  • Anonymous

    Good luck and thank you for spreading all the positivities, Fyna. May Allah ease your path.!

    MYR 15 28/05/2018

  • Anonymous

    All the best kak fina!! Keep up the excellent work

    GBP 10 12/05/2018

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