Let's make me bald and raise some money while doing so. Any amount of donation is appreciated. Please support me in this campaign by sharing it

My Story

Hi...I'm Rina. I did think about being bald, but never really want to do it. I'm used to my hair and it's been apart of who I am now, till a friend said why not raise a charity while doing so. So, it thought yeah... why not! It gives me a bigger reason to do it. 
I have all the help I need for this campaign from friends that support me. 
All donations will go straight to Indonesia Medika Foundation who have helped lots of unfortunate people and children with chronic illnesses, like cancer, HIV/AIDS and many more. They are also doing medical research to find a better cure for those illnesses in the future. Let's support their work by donating or a sharing this campaign.
My aim is to raise $1000 for 2 weeks, yet even if we don't reach the goal I will still shave my head to appreciate those who support
us by donating or sharing. 
I will do the shaving Live on Facebook and I will update date, time and place soon. 
I personally think we can do an awesome job of this and smash that target and I shall be bald. :)
Here is some info on Indonesia Medika Foundation :

Recent Donors

  • Michael Harder

    USD 50 20/04/2018

  • John Siddle

    Don’t cut your hair off, Rina!

    GBP 50 20/04/2018

  • Leni Haryati


    IDR 1,000,000 20/04/2018

  • Anto Tsai

    IDR 500,000 18/04/2018

  • Doug Edwards

    Good luck, Rins!

    AUD 50 17/04/2018

  • Rinawati Rinawati

    USD 10 16/04/2018

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