Hi everyone! My name is Wai Tuck and I am a volunteer at IDEAS. IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC), is an early intervention initiative that offers a full-day service of quality care, therapy and education for autistic children between 3 and 9 years old that come from underprivileged families (bottom 40%). We are organizing this fundraising campaign to support the students to get into the mainstream primary schools. Let's join our course to make a change for their better future by donating or spreading the word around!

My Story

Dear friends, 

Did you know that approximately 9,000 children in Malaysia are born with autism every year? In Malaysia, affordable care and therapy for autistic children is limited. And, it is a very common fact that at least one of the parents has to stop working in order to provide care for the child who is diagnosed with autism.  

We believe that everyone of us should access to good quality care and education, including those from underprivileged backgrounds. Our ultimate aim is to support the students to get into the mainstream primary schools by the age of 9 years old. By giving them the quality care that they need at a young age helps them to live a productive self-sustainable life later in life. We currently have 31 children at our IDEAS Autism Centre in Rawang, and there are also children joining us for therapy sessions. Therefore, with Ramadhan just around the corner, we are sincerely approaching all kind souls to make a donation to IDEAS Autism Centre.  With your kind support, we will be able to provide sustainable care and education for the children, as well as parent and teacher training for underprivileged families. I am confident that, with our concerted effort, we will make a  difference for the children.  

Read more about the IDEAS Autism Centre at, and visit our Facebook page at for more information. 

Thank you for your kind support! 

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