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When Beth was 13 she came home outraged from school one day. She told me in a very angry and agitated voice, that every year in Hong Kong, thousands of teenage girls face crisis pregnancy with no support and thousands of children are in need of a family for many reasons including neglect, abuse, abandonment or family breakdown.  The talk at assembly that morning was from a charity worker at Mother's Choice - a charity dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in our community by providing high quality services for children, youth and families, and actively providing ways to prevent the problem.  

In almost three decades, Mother's Choice has supported more than 53,000 girls through crisis pregnancy but despite the charity's impact, the need for even more help is growing daily.  And in a bid to counter this even further, Mother's Choice now provide sexuality education workshops for schools across Hong Kong.  In Hong Kong, one in four children lives in poverty, with one in three children going without three meals a day.  In 2015, there were almost 4,000 children living without families in Hong Kong.  Mother's Choice is a champion for children and a voice for them to be in a family.  It's goal is to see every child in a safe, loving and permanent family and the charity works hard to ensure that every child can either be reunited with their birth family or join an adoptive family as soon as possible.

This Christmas time, please help me help Mother's Choice carry out its goals to provide vital valuable care for vulnerable teenage girls and children.

Thanks so much for your support.



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    Best of luck, Chrissie! I hope the jet lag will have subsided by Sunday. Hari and Rhubarb will be cheering you on! As will we all xxx

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