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*Latest update at the bottom of the story* 

That little living room that you see in the display picture becomes a bedroom for about 8 children when night falls. They pull out thin mattresses without covers and make do to get their rest.

 The little girl, Nancy (just turned 1 y.o) sleeping in the donated pink bouncer is the only one who has a somewhat  permanent spot in the house. Until she outgrows it and join the rest on the floor.

The house smells old and the walls are bare. But on a it you can find traces of hope and positivity. The peeling wall paint decorated with pure intentions that read "I love Jesus" and smiley faces.

When I heard about the donation drive from my little toddler's school for Lotus Charity Centre after their house was burnt down last year (they are now in a rental). I wanted to help and like so many of us, I immediately thought "I have some old clothes and toys to donate", "let me send them some food..". This is what many homes need, including Lotus for sure. But after having sat there in the living room with those kids and their caretakers, one would be branded blind and heartless if you couldn’t tell that what they really need is their own proper home.

 Their very simple rental home now has 3 bedrooms. And they have 26 children plus caretakers. They used to house some of the kids in a construction container outside this home (also donated) as a desperate measure, but it got way too hot inside. I offered to have an air-conditioning unit fitted in for them, but they said “how kind of you, but we won’t even be able to afford the electricity for it.”.

 The Lotus Charity Care Centre has been around for the last 14 years. Unfortunately, the late founder Dr. R. Thomas Manoharan has passed away, leaving the care centre with 25 old folks and 26 children to his wife Sarah to look after.

 All these children come from a trail of sorrow-- abandoned by their parents, grandparents… some even came straight from the hopsital with no history or story. I cannot imagine what goes through their innocent minds. Are they sad? Do they resent? And yet while I was there, the little boy who was sitting next to me was humming “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,”. 

I am happy to attest that the children all look relatively well looked after despite such circumstances. This has reinforced my confidence in Sarah's true love and devotion to the children even in the face of great adversity. She insists that the older children all go to school, but is also struggling to pay for their tuition fees and school supplies.

Their plight is urgent. Sarah, who is assisted by her son Michael (who is a Pastor at a Christian Church) are struggling to make ends meet. They rely on donations to put food on the table, buy medicine for the kids (and old folks), and are scraping by month to month.

Lotus has a small piece of corner terrace house land to build their new home on, but they do not have the money to start building it. They need RM450,000 to make their new home happen, and that is the target I have set out in this online campaign for them. It is high, but I am hopeful and determined to help them achieve a more dignified living. I hope that you will extend some kindness to these children and selfless caretakers. 

Thank you so much.




(I am a mother of two beautiful boys, based in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. If you need more clarification or would like to get in touch regarding this project, my email is


Lotus Charity Care Centre contact details:

016-9462081 (Sarah Thomas)

No 41, Jalan 3A Taman Hiew Piaw

43500 Semnyih Selangor

Facebook: search for “Lotus Charity Care Centre”

More details which I found on the web:

For those of you in Malaysia who would like to do a direct transfer to them:   “Lotus Charity Care Centre” (Hong Leong Bank a/c no: 039-00-30334-7) 

*5th June 2017 Update*

Thank you so much to everyone who have so generously gave and reached out to extend your support and words of encouragement. Through this site and some offline donations, we have been able to raise a considerable amount of funds but also have a long way more to go. Please continue to support by telling people about it and give as you please.

I visited the home again over the past weekend and started some planning on how this project should proceed. Sarah and everyone at the home is absolutely over the moon about this and cannot believe that the home they have been dreaming and praying for is inching closer.

It is my intention to keep people updated on the progress of this project. I will either keep posting here in this story page or start a simple blog page later on.

I would also like to thank the SimplyGiving platform for providing the needed transparency and accountability in this fund raising process, and it's team who has been very encouraging and helpful.


*23 June 2017 Update*

Hello everyone, 

With the advise of the professional architect and project manager who are helping out this project on a pro bono basis (last two photos in the gallery), we have a good idea of the layout, size and usage of this new home.

Right after the Hari Raya break, the town planner in this team will approach the local council to find out the status of the land they have, and work towards getting all the right paperwork in place.

My sincere thanks for all your support and help, Selamat Hari Raya! 


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