Personal Challenge

In just over a week the five of us will be heading to Cambodia and running the half marathon in support of the wonderful Angkor Hospital for Children. Any support you can give us would be very appreciated!

My Story

For the last few months we've all been in training, and whether we're ready or not, the race around the temples of Angkor Wat is almost here!  With 13 small kids between us, life can be pretty hectic and stressful at times! But, accessing high quality health care for our brood has never been something we have had to worry about. Unfortunately, this is a privilege that many families never get to experience. Poverty in Cambodia prevents many families accessing the health system and as a result, many children die from even the most preventable illnesses. Angkor Hospital for Children provides amazing health care and support for families regardless of their ability to pay and works within the community to educate families on health issues. Please support us as much as you can for such an amazing charity!

Recent Donors

  • Alice Harkness

    Well done Liana! Great effort - though I think you enjoyed it a little too much.

    SGD 25 07/12/2016

  • Katie Potter

    Amazing work! Excited for the whole team to do it next year ;)

    HKD 500 07/12/2016

  • Michelle Harwood

    Well done girls I am very proud! Hope you are suitably celebrating with some cocktails and massages. Have a great time! Xx

    AUD 50 07/12/2016

  • Milena Nikolova

    Well done girls and for a wonderful cause!

    SGD 50 06/12/2016

  • Celine Ng Tong

    Congrats ladies on a great accomplishment!!

    HKD 500 06/12/2016

  • Roshni Mahesh

    SGD 50 05/12/2016

  • Lisa Cameron

    HKD 500 05/12/2016

  • Damien Agius

    Very proud of you all - well done.

    AUD 150 03/12/2016

  • George Attard

    I think the last time all of you did a weekend away together, the only exercise you did was walking between shops, bars and restaurants and dancing the night away. 13 kids later and your running half marathons for a great cause! As one of you often says "faaantastic!". Life is good xxx

    SGD 513 03/12/2016

  • mary stevens

    good luck all of you xxx

    GBP 10 03/12/2016

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