This is our way to save our dear Kyle!

My Story

hello everyone! :) i made this account to help my god son Kyle, he is the only son of my friend Marian...and this is his story :

Kyle is the best gift from God,it takes Marian and her Hubby almost  5 years before she got pregnant. Kyle was born on Oct 24,2015 via Low transverse Cesarian, he was 8 lbs ,he never turned pink althrough out the APGAR scoring. At 4 months his Pedia advice Marian to seek Pediatrict Cardiologist for them to be able to know his Heart Condition.  On his 5month he was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease specifically Tetralogy of Fallot wherein he has 4 defects 1. Ventricular Septal Defect 2. Pulmonary Stenosis 3. Right ventricular enlargement and 4. Overrding of Aorta.
The doctor prescribed him Propranolol for his blood vessels to be relaxed. He is now 2 years old and the doctor already adviced his mom for a surgery. This may cost Almost 750,000 in pesos, .

We, his Mom Friends, his family and everyone who love Kyle dearly never stop on asking Help either in Private or public organization/individual..

it really breaks our heart watching Kyle just looking other kids espcially like his age running, playing and doing other physical activities. 

Presently, Marian is having a fund raising to raise funds for kyle medication through selling mugs at 180.00, you can contact her at +69392299417 for more info/details or pm me at Tonie Cepeda or Marian Faisan  on our FB account, please dont forget to like kyles page on fb, this is where Marian post details about kyles conditions and his medications process

We are praying and never stop on hoping that through this we may be able to raise fund for our Dear Kyle...

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