Please support me as I walk the 1,000 mile "Via Francigena" across Europe by donating to Yew Chung Education Foundation, in support of Kids International Ministries. KIM provides education, food, and shelter to children and families in an impoverished area outside Manila in the Philippines. This is is a fantastic organisation which is doing a lot to heal a hurting world! All donations will go directly to this worthy cause! Find out more about KIM at:

My Story

In 1996 I came across an article in the travel section of the newspaper that described the Wainwright Coast to Coast;  a two week, 200 mile walk from one side of England to the other. I was mesmerized.  "Do people actually do this?"  I thought to myself.  I tore out the article and took it home to show my wife who, it would turn out, was less than impressed.
"You?  Walking across England? I don't think so!" she responded.  True, her skepticism was fairly well founded.  I was a bit of a couch potato... but something suddenly rose up in me, "One day, you and I are going to have a son and when that boy becomes a teenager I'm taking him on this walk"
Two years later we had that son and when Gabriel turned 14, true to my word, I indeed walked across England on the Wainwright Coast to Coast with him.

The Coast to Coast walk with my son was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and made me realize long distance walking would always be part of me.  In 2015 Gabriel and I then walked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and my life was transformed yet again by the inclusion of my Christian faith with rigors of the trail.  The impact from that trip on my life was so noticeable that my wife Tammy, who often thought I was crazy for taking these walking trips, asked if she could walk the Camino with me which we did in 2017.  (And she too was hooked)

Now in 2018 I am walking the Via Francigena; an ancient 1000 mile trail Christian pilgrims have walked for centuries as they made their way from northern Europe to Rome.  Starting June 1 I will launch out from the Canterbury Cathedral in England, make my way across France (having taken a ferry across the channel as, unlike Jesus, I can't walk on water), cross the Alps at St. Bernards pass, and then cross Italy till I arrive at St. Peter's Square at the Vatican sometime around August 10.   

I will be doing this to raise awareness for Seeds of Hope which is the compassion and charitable expression of Yew Chung Education Foundation and it's affiliate Yew Chung and Yew Wah schools.  Currently Seeds of Hope is devoting a significant portion of its fundraising efforts to Kids International Ministries in the Philippines.   All donations through this website will be devoted solely to KIM and the incredible work they are doing with children and families outside Manila.  Find out more about KIM at:

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  • Alison Nantz

    USD 100 27/05/2018

  • Georgia Jillings

    From Road to Reality! Godspeed, Steve!

    USD 100 27/05/2018

  • Sunny Pratt

    Wishing you renewal and revival through your walk for this great cause...

    USD 250 26/05/2018

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    Hi Chris!!!!

    USD 50 25/05/2018

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    USD 50 25/05/2018

  • James and Conny Chapman

    All the best pal, praying each day for you for a successful hike. Best wishes, James and Conny.

    HKD 750 24/05/2018

  • Mike Perks

    USD 25 23/05/2018

  • Jonathan Mellen

    Calling all directors, leaders, co-principal’s, vice-principal’s, heads of department, year level leaders and basically anyone who works at YCIS or Yew Wah to meet the challenge. Steve is walking for 2 1/2 months straight.. Are you going to step up and meet the challenge?

    USD 100 22/05/2018

  • Kwok Ling LAU

    HKD 100 21/05/2018

  • Kevin Hocking

    HKD 600 19/05/2018

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