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Most of us don't wake up in the morning worrying if we have water to brush our teeth, flush the toilet, take our showers, wash our hands, drink, make food, do our laundry, wash our cars, clean our toilets, paint portraits, use clean kitchen utensils, go swimming, shower our pets, okay you get the drift... basically to lead clean and healthy lives. Rural families in Cambodia don't have proper access to clean water. That's why I'm going this December to install biosand water filters together with Water for Cambodia (MAD), part of a social enterprise that my colleague founded. 5% of your donation goes to administrative expenses, 95% goes towards purchasing these filters (USD 100/filter for a family that lasts up to 20 years) and the local labour needed to install and upkeep them. Any amount is good - whether the value of a nice, exotic holiday, or a simple meal - please partner with me in helping Cambodians take that first step towards living the clean and healthy lives that we enjoy everyday. No idea what a biosand filter is? Get geeky here: Learn more about MAD here: Drop me a line at if you want a full blown account on what happened on the ground after our trip this December.

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  • Evonne Teh

    Good job! Keep it on!

    USD 10 04/12/2014

  • Shreeni


    USD 10 02/12/2014

  • Shane

    You are cooler than me, so its true

    USD 15 02/12/2014

  • Marty

    Helping you help others...always a good cause.

    USD 100 27/11/2014

  • J

    Good luck =D Love

    USD 10 25/11/2014

  • Leo

    All the best !!

    USD 10 21/11/2014

  • Kaj


    USD 10 21/11/2014

  • Anonymous

    USD 50 21/11/2014

  • Adam Haiqal

    Best of luck

    USD 100 20/11/2014

  • Marisa

    All the best!

    USD 100 20/11/2014

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