Every child deserves to uncover the world and pursue their dreams. As a PCA rider, I dedicate myself to make my every drop of sweat counts to support the Save the Children foundation. Please join me to support the fundraising and donate your every bit!

My Story

It has been such a excellent opportunity for me to be part of the 2018 Prudential RiderLondon Pru Peloton Team. As a representative, I would like to share with you my feeling and story towards this meaningful event.

As a Prudential Staff
Since being a Prudential staff in 2013, I witnessed the company hosting and sponsoring numerous charitable activities, including building construction work in the Philippines and Indonesia, and also the Prudential RideLondon. With the encouragement of my fellow colleagues, who were the past participants of this event, I have decided to train up myself and to give my best effort in engaging in this event.

As a Amateur Cyclist
Cycling is always an enjoyable leisure activity in my life. I enjoy the scenery through travelling from one place to another, and the challenge that going uphill and downhill while being persistent to reach the destination.

In September 2016, I joined a few colleagues from Prudential to carry out a 10-day round island cycling trip in Taiwan. Since then, long-distance cycling has always been in my top listed activity.

As a Fundraiser
Fund raising has never been easy. With my full commitment to this cycling event, I would invite all my colleagues and friends to support me.
Your every bit of kindness counts!


Funds raised will go towards benefitting the children and parents of First Read - Save the Children and Prudential’s innovative early learning programme in Cambodia and Philippines, supported by Prudence Foundation.

With your help we can continue to:

  • Train parents and caregivers in Cambodia and Philippines on the best techniques for engaging with their children
  • Give children the books, skills and knowledge they need to fulfil their potential
  • Influence local and national authorities in Cambodia and Philippines to continue to invest in Early Learning



Every child has the right to reach their full potential. But in Cambodia and the Philippines some of the most deprived children are denied just that. Why? Because the early years of children lives are simply not getting the attention and investment they so desperately need.  We know a child’s early years are fundamental in determining their future life chances. Science tells us that the experiences, learning and development that happens very early on in children’s lives set up their brains for being able to learn in school and throughout life.  In Cambodia and the Philippines, less than a third of children have access to early childhood care and development services, with disastrous results for their education. Many children do not complete primary education and some leave school unable to read at all.


Programme’s Objectives:

  • To ensure that pre-school children in the Philippines and Cambodia get the best start in life and help them stay in school to achieve their full potential
  • Parents and caregivers are children’s first and best teachers. First Read empowers parents and caregivers to help young children develop essential literacy and numeracy skills as well as train them on child health, nutrition and social and emotional development. Together we will be able help over 216,000 children directly and indirectly.


Summary of the programme:

  • To accelerate child development by:
    • Developing exciting and engaging age appropriate children’s books in local languages
    • Donating these books to families so they can read to their young children
    • Training parents to incorporate talking, signing, counting and reading into everyday life with children

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