Make a difference in someone’s life. Give hope to the less fortunate. Be a blessing and you’ll be blessed. I’m doing my part as all expense for these 2 feats are solely borne by myself. Please support my effort by contributing or sharing this link with your friends. Thank you.

My Story


I am a Fitness Coach by profession who has an interest in running and helping people reach the goal of being physically fit. Due to the nature of my work, I am inspired to utilize it to help others for a good cause especially for children and students. 


I was given many opportunities to further my studies overseas to whichever country that I am interested in however I turn down that opportunity. When I was young I did not realize the importance of education and till this day, I regretted that bad decision I made in my younger days. I will never be able to turn back the clock to re-write my history but I can do something now to help those who are less fortunate to pursue and reach their dreams thru education as I believe education is a way out of poverty. I aspired to do my part for them. There are many bright students from poverty stricken areas who are deprived of pursuing further and higher education due to the lack of finances. I hope that by embarking on this fund raising project, I am able to bring these students a step closer to realizing their dreams.


This is my second attempt to raise fund for charity. My first attempt was in August 2017 ( where I ran 444km from Lumut (West Coast) to Kuala Terengganu (East Coast) across the country in less than 120 hours for children’s education. This year, there will be 2 races, both at Courmayeur, Italy. TDS®️, 120km with 7000m +D on 29th August 2018 with 33 hours cut off time and Tor Des Géants®️, 330km with 24000m +D on 9th September 2018 with 150 hours cut off time. Both are very technical races and also very challenging due to the weather condition.

A race in open country along the ‘Grande Randonnée’ paths crossing though the Mont-Blanc, Beaufort, Tarentaise and Aosta valley countryside. A mountainous event, including numerous sections at altitude (>2,500m), in weather conditions which can be very difficult (night, wind, cold, rain or snow), requiring a very good level of fitness, the appropriate equipment and a real capacity for personal autonomy.
The two Savoie and the Aosta valleys are some of the provinces that once made up the Savoie State. Line up to discover these 3 regions which are united around Mont-Blanc, and borrow the paths where history and the mountains meet.

Tor Des Géants®️
The route will run along the Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2 of the Valle d'Aosta, with the start and finishing line in Courmayeur, and will cover a total of around 336km (200 miles), with an altitude range of 24,000 metres. The landscape at the foot of the region’s Four-Thousanders makes the route especially spectacular.

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    I would never think someone would be even attempting these 2 challenges. I wish you all the very best in the run and thank you for doing such a noble act of charity for the underprivileged kids.

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