"Blue in Cap but Pink in Health" its the motto of the Blue Cap Movement. It was initiated by the urologist from Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya and from prostate cancer survivors from Prostate Cancer Survivor group. The non-profit movement is supported by University of Malaya, Malaysian Urological Foundation and Malaysian Urological Association ( At the same time working closely with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia to promote awareness about Men's Health by organising events & movements.The objective of this movement is to:- To create awareness anong general public on Men's Health & urologucal cancer (prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer & penile cancer)- To promote a healthy lifestyle after cancer - To encourage cancer patients to - To promote healthy lifestyle for cancer prevention - To raise fund to support Blue Cap All funds received through this activity will be channelled to the "Urology Cancer Trust Fund" set up under the Bursary, University Malaya.The purpose of the fund is:- To provide financial assistance to Malaysian urological cancer patients who cannot afford recommended treatment- To conduct urological cancer research in - To provide education & training for Urological Cancer treatment and awareness programs in Malaysia. Thus, a little contribution comes a long way..

My Story

My mother got breast cancer 15 years ago. She managed to fight & won the battle against cancer, been living a normal & healthy life since then. The reason I am in to this is because I love my family members and I hope this would not happen to them. But finger crossed, if anyone of them got cancer then they would have the best effective treatment and assistance given in Malaysia. At least, there is hope & support from the society.

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