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Lupus Association (Singapore)

What is Lupus?
Lupus is an auto-immune disease. People with lupus develop antibodies (which usually fight bacter and viruses) that attack healthy tissues instead of protecting the body. This produces inflammation in different parts of the body resulting in pain and swelling. Lupus can affect the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, the nervous system, blood system, and in particular, the immune system. Where there is a major organ involvement, it can become life-threatening.
Lupus is a chronic, systemic disease with no known cure. It affects mainly women in their childbearing years. However, lupus can occur in young children or in older people. The number of women affected outnumber men by nine to one. The disease is more common among Asians and Afro-americans.

Lupus Association (Singapore)
The Lupus Association (Singapore) formed in 1991, is a self-help group dedicated to provide support for patients and their families. The group aims to assist lupus patients by providing practical support and by giving people the opportunity to share experiences with others who have lupus. The Lupus Association (Singapore) is committed to research on the disease and in improving understanding of the disease especially among people with lupus and their families. Under our Medical Subsidy Scheme, we subsidize the drugs and treatments for deserving poor or low-income patients.

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